01 December 2008

Occult Classic

By this point I had discovered Gigposters.com for myself and posted a couple of posters there, one of which has the Bohemian Grove image. To my pleasure, it was quickly recognized by another designer. He left, on the site, a comment that said as much. From that I decided to look for another image from 'The Fringe'. I started my search with self-proclaimed psycho-magician, Alejandro Jodorowsky. Scanning through his 1970 film 'El Topo', I landed upon the colorful design which is part of a costume in the film. Essentially, I redesigned this 'Tree Of Life' to my liking. As with my first Mountains In The Moon poster, I based most of my decisions here on whimsy. With no boss and no directives, I just had fun with it.

I know what must've happened...it didn't come in!

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