04 January 2013

Space Marina

Direct To Garment, full color on black. Art by Laser Diagnostix originally developed for Mustache Empire, adapted for an ancient bro on his fortieth. 


Produced in full by Printhaüs, Fifty white tees (sm - xl), four colors by the crew at Printhaüs for Austin locals, Diving.
Art by Laser Diagnostix from a design by one of the band members. Staple Expo, here we come!

27 December 2012

Nearly Impossible Germany

Good Lord, this one was a real challenge, but one we eventually whipped. 
Four designs, multiple shirt colors, ink changes and our first fully in-house four-spot color job. 
No rejects to boot. Yes, we missed our deadline and that counts for much, obviously. 
In other news, Laser Diagnostix has relinquished all graphic art responsibilities to Printhaüs print shop and dedicated itself to graphics design. Additionally, Laser Diagnostix apparel is soon to be available via Shopify's innovative new app, Merchify. More on that later...

16 July 2012

Been There, Done That

Twelve tees (S-XL), two-color front and one-color back. No rejects. 
For a non-profit in Houston. Feeling good, Louis.

22 June 2012


Professor Laser has done it again. Hot off the press, Laser Diagnostix has made the Che Guevara shirt to end all Che Guevara shirts. As Mr. Casale says, "Reductive synthesis. We do it all for you." These are in short supply so get yours today. Only $18! Such a deal. Available in XL, L & M.

06 June 2012


Fair weather fans of sci-fi, make way. We at Laser Diagnostix have started up a posse, Anthrax-style.
I got people comin' in from Vermont for this event, the addition of a new entry into the history of science fiction cinema.
Prometheus finally drops this week as our posse converges on the Alamo Drafthouse for the premier. So, we cooked up some party favors our crew.

05 June 2012

Wall To Wall Glass

Here are some spec shirts for The Cave out in San Mateo, CA.
One color on black. Don't get much simpler than that. 
Illustration, design and prints by Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix. Jam.

16 May 2012

TPK Merch! part 1

Designs and illustrations and screen printing by Professor Laser of Laser Diagnostix. All done in plastisol ink except for the back image on the red and brown tees which were done with discharge base. This job marks my first time printing with discharge. Tricky stuff when your method of curing is a flash cure without a temperature dial. We printed 36 of these for a graduation ceremony for students of the Texas Pie Kitchen's culinary training program. Additionally, TPK wanted shirts for their participation in the grand opening ceremony of Whole Foods Bee Caves location. Select locations now carry Texas Pie Kitchen pies! Very exciting stuff! Laser Diagnostix wishes to heartily congratulate the Texas Pie Kitchen and its parent corporation on their new venture with Whole Foods! Well done!!!! Contact either Laser Diagnostix or TPK directly to purchase this sweet new merch!

TPK Merch! part 2

16 March 2012

Most 2 Coast Poster

A great friend from the ancient times, known as DJ Most2Coast helped Laser Diagnostix develop their first flatstock table from Andy MacDowell's instructions featured in his book 'Screen Printing Today'. This is the first thing off that table, a poster for Most's SXSW party.
Thanks, Greg! Anytime you need posters, gimme a shout.

Most 2 Coast Poster

A great friend from the ancient times, known as DJ Most2Coast helped Laser Diagnostix develop their first flatstock table from Andy MacDowell's instructions featured in his book 'Screen Printing Today'. This is the first thing off that table, a poster for Most's SXSW party.
Thanks, Greg! Anytime you need posters, gimme a shout.

18 February 2012

We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

Two major things occurred which prompted us to stop using the blog, Facebook and taking a day job in a print shop.
We opened a Facebook account to better connect with the people, but two things came about as a result. The Facebook thing became less of a Laser Diagnostix platform and more of a personal thing. That was a mis-step as the novelty of Facebook overshadowed our original purpose there. The other thing was that we just didn't have a lot of content to post. That stemmed from taking the day job. Although Laser Diagnostix had been established, it could be said prematurely. The depth of screen printing as a trade and/or skill is great. Recognizing this from the start, I knew that eventually I would reach a ceiling in terms of what I could teach myself. Once I decided to quit my day job and focus on my craft, the next move would be to get a gig in a professional print shop. I got super lucky and landed a gig as a production designer in-training at Action Screen Graphics in downtown Austin. It turns out that poster artist legend, Frank Kozik, used to keep a studio in the Action shop. Tons of the poster art I fell in love with from the pages of Public News, telephone poles around town and record stores like Sound Exchange and Infinite Records in Houston were produced there. http://www.gigposters.com/designer/2386_Frank_Kozik.html Complete success. I started there in December 2010 and thus my professional venture had begun in earnest. My education has been an amazing experience thus far. Now armed with a solid knowledge base and resources to match, Laser Diagnostix is picking up the pace with the help of Production Manager at Action Screen Graphics, Ryan Hallee. At Laser Diagnostix we owe much to his generosity and expertise. When Mr. Hallee learned that I owned a four-head press, he showed great interest and offered his professional assistance. Eventually, this culminated in tackling a four-color process job. Then we added a twist. In addition to a standard CMYK on white tees, we would attempt as an experiment CMYK in Plasticharge (chemically removes the dye in the garment and replaces it with color of the ink) on black tees. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMYK_color_model. So, we deleted the Facebook, but will return with a more appropriate page and we're picking up the blog thread again. Anyway, the accompanying photos illustrate the steps to a fairly amazing print, if I may be so bold.
Color separation, screen preparation and press assistant: Ryan Biddle
Press calibration, screen registration and press operator: Ryan Hallee.
Photo one - source art (jpeg plucked from the Internet)
Photo two - Yellow layer 
Photo three - Magenta layer
Photo four - Hallee on press
Photo five - Cyan layer
Photo six - Black layer
Photo seven - Final print

Model On Light

10 November 2010

New Pie Box Design

Using semi-stale emulsion made for a 'distressed' appearance which plays into 
the rustic look as requested by the Texas Pie Kitchen. Call it a happy accident.
Order your holiday pies from TPK, but only if yer gonna be in the Austin area. 
visit www.texaspiekitchen.org for details.

Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

15 October 2010


Spec shirts for mega-metal group, Golden Axe.

Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

Cuttin' an' ascratchin'

As stated in previous posts here, new equipment brings new challenges.
So we spent some time getting to know our 4/1 tabletop press.
Here are some of the results...
The 'Che' tee came out fuzzy so we've included the graphic as it appears on paper.
And the last two images are front and back of the same garment.
Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

Oldie but goldie

To the trained eye, a new and improved logo for this most recent run of a Laser classic...

Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

The same, but different...

Banged out fifty rags (that's squeegee-talk for shirts) for THE JONX!

Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

31 July 2010


This is Laser Diagnostix's latest acquisition: 
a four color/one station SilverPress. 
One part metal. One part real.
A very exciting time indeed. Let's ROCK!
Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

27 July 2010

The World Is A Ghetto

Front and reverse of the last job on the homemade rig. Tomorrow I will have a four color/one station manual table top press. Joy.
Three words have been ringing through my ears like a mantra, "Prepress, prepress, prepress." That's where the work is, as they say.
Mercifully, a front rolled through town tonight. It really cooled things down. The weathercast claims it never got below 75 degrees, but I swear for a whole minute it got down to the upper sixties. That makes all the difference while printing in my garage. Even at night that sucker is like a g.d. oven. Level up, son!

Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

21 July 2010


Trey LaVigne, born of woman, proudly models Laser Diagnostix 
product featuring our 'Der Jimi Heinrich Erfahrung' print.
No mere undergarment, Trey is sporting protective gear designed 
to protect its wearer from the ninnies and the twits.
More to come...

Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

06 July 2010

One Brazillion

Tody needs an ad for his July residence at Cafe Brasil, so I whipped up this 18"x6" sucker. Acrylic on heavy stock.
Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix

02 July 2010

Deckard Billion

If you don't already know, Rick is a replicant. Gaff's origami unicorn is the tell.
Once again, Laser Diagnostix allows those who don these garments to weed out those
who pretend to know but don't. Conversely, the enigmatic presentation raises questions providing
an opportunity to open dialogue with others on what's important: your favorite movies. Silver half-tone on black. I captured the image with my iPhone using the plastic replica that came with the DVD box set. Scooge.
Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostix