16 May 2012

TPK Merch! part 1

Designs and illustrations and screen printing by Professor Laser of Laser Diagnostix. All done in plastisol ink except for the back image on the red and brown tees which were done with discharge base. This job marks my first time printing with discharge. Tricky stuff when your method of curing is a flash cure without a temperature dial. We printed 36 of these for a graduation ceremony for students of the Texas Pie Kitchen's culinary training program. Additionally, TPK wanted shirts for their participation in the grand opening ceremony of Whole Foods Bee Caves location. Select locations now carry Texas Pie Kitchen pies! Very exciting stuff! Laser Diagnostix wishes to heartily congratulate the Texas Pie Kitchen and its parent corporation on their new venture with Whole Foods! Well done!!!! Contact either Laser Diagnostix or TPK directly to purchase this sweet new merch!

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