30 November 2008

Mountains In The Moon

During my 'Son Of Satan' journey, I came across lots of new world order, conspiracy theory, bible code business, again, all related to the Bush family, the Republican party and their supposed occult ties. This image stood out because it seems so benign amongst all the fire and brimstone-type imagery. It is like the Devil, warm, colorful, friendly, inviting even, in deep contrast with the crudity of amateur eyewitness sketches or melodramatic engraving-style simulacrum typically associated with the fringe. The image here comes from a seasonal program for a north California getaway called Bohemian Grove. Rumor has it that for decades now, Bohemian Grove has served as place of ceremony for its members, mostly comprised of extremely rich and/or powerful figures who rule the world, to conduct one of their (among other things) most important rites, the Cremation Of Care. Notorious Austinite, Alex Jones penetrated the elite getaway during the rite and captured some video images. Mr. Jones is an Austin celebrity. I thought it amusing the possibility of Alex catching glimpse of this poster around town or for that matter, anyone recognizing the image. 
I completely re-drew the image to have more control over the graphics, color and text. The image is unchanged aside from my whimsy in adding the stars. The only other difference is of course the text. Out of context it works for the band's music, I think.

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