01 June 2010

Front And Detail RHS

After wrestling with a quart of chromaline blue for 24 hours, I returned to a dual cure from the same brand.
Much to my relief, things at Laser Diagnostics were again flowing, but not without undergoing acute growing pains. 
Note to self: never again go to print on a job with untried equipment or materials. It cost me a deadline. Onwards...
These shirts are for the German Club at Reagan H.S. in The Houston Heights. This is the front graphic and a detail pic.
We have here a send-up on the JMH debut. The slogan at the bottom translates to "Do you have experience?" taken from Jimi's debut title.
The detail pic highlights Jimi in German garb, donning lederhosen. Originally, the accompanying text on both top and bottom, were in the same 
style as Jimi's original but needed to be changed for compliance with school policy.
Thanks, Mark! There is an alternate German Club shirt I'll have to post tomorrow.

Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostics

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