12 April 2010

Hungry...Like Der Wolfen, Jå?

Due to time constraints, I had to split this job in two, so that means next weekend, I'll post on a different set of colors for these shirts. Hot Pink? Maybe Safety Orange? Stay tuned! Although the crummy pictures taken by phone don't allow it, the grey is really a sparkling platinum. As Ultrawolf's guitarist might say, "Put a little blaing on that thang." Whatever. Point being, I resolve to not use the 'cameraphone' for posts, henceforth. So, the first three pics are fairly clear in terms of subject. It is the fourth picture which begs explanation. These are undergarments or colloquially, panties. A front view shows the group's name on the right in yellow. The band's original wolf logo in sparkling platinum on the rear left. A look at an earlier post here in the Laser Archives features the she-wolf artwork produced by none other than the Professor, himself. Me. Final analysis: Much to learn, I still have.

Professor Laser for Laser Diagnostics

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