05 December 2009

Pioneer Folk Fest & Jelly-Off

So, shortly after Tody hires me on for this poster, I get an e-mail from him in which he jokingly demands that I "make with the art". Merely a few weeks previous had he and I talked about a poster with Mr. Show element. In response to his e-mail, "Are you saying you want to see ol' 'Limber Legs' on your poster?" And that was that. I love that although the bill has him opening for What Made Milwaukee Famous, the poster is an advertisement for Tody Castillo. It seems often the case that a non-headlining group wants a poster, but must adhere to the rock code of sublimating themselves to the draw of the headliner in keeping the ad about the show over the individual groups. That can be a real drag when you couldn't give about the other bands on the bill, when the one you are friends with or the one you actually like is not the headliner. Of course, I dig WMMF, but they haven't asked. www.todycastillo.com

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