24 August 2009

Tody's Windhorse

Tody and I worked really hard on his album design. This image is the cover. It is also featured on his promotional posters. It was the first image to come together. Every design for this album had to harmonize with the cover as we agreed that it expressed well to the enhancement of the music, the album's tone. This is a best case scenario example in that Tody and I had total creative freedom both in terms of content and the time to produce that content. These two factors in particular allowed me and Tody to collaborate every step of the way. Furthermore, it was a project that I believe in 100% as I am a huge admirer of his songs and greatly respect him as a songwriting talent. I think to say that we are both pleased with the end result is an understatement. myspace.com/todycastillo

I know what must've happened...it didn't come in!

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