17 December 2008


That's one more in the bank. To some it may be obvious, but this poster promoting a New Year's Eve show with singer-songwriter Tody Castillo, refers to 'Blue Velvet', a film by David Lynch. In the film's most talked about (read: polarizing) scene, the antagonist, played by Dennis Hopper, cuts a ribbon from his lover's robe. The robe is made of blue velvet and his fixation with the fabric extends to his choice of beverage as well. That beverage is none other than indie-rocker favorite, Pabst Blue Ribbon. My favorite film of all time is, hands down, Star Wars. Tody has, on many occasions, told me 'Blue Velvet' is his 'Star Wars'. When the River Oaks 3 in Houston played 'Blue Velvet' as a midnight show a few years back, he invited the young lady who would eventually become Mrs. Castillo to the show. If you've seen the film, you know that would be a deal breaker for the possibility of a second date, much more so a relationship! I'm at the show as well and he's howling with laughter at all the Hopper scenes. The rest of the theater is dead silent out of either profound respect for Lynch and his work or with the terror Hopper's character evokes. Shameless.
Anyway, 'Blue Velvet' easily falls in the short 'damn-near, if not perfect movie' list. 

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